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Integrity, knowledge, creativity and an insatiable need to constantly be learning...Mark E. Walker combines all of these with the desire to help others play at their highest level. His past credentials are impressive, but most impressive is who is at the moment he is speaking with you, and the strategies that he sees for your success that are so brilliant.  I cannot think of anyone better to add to your support team than Mark E. Walker.

Sandra Dee Robinson



Charisma on Camera



Here's what people are saying about Mark.

Mark E. Walker effectively blends industry knowledge and personal connections into a seamless business model.  His resourcefulness, transparency, and overall commitment to integrity are only matched by the passion he affords to each client in actualizing their creative and professional goals.  I’ve entrusted Mark with one of my most precious gifts; my career… a decision I have never regretted.


Jason Richardson

2011 World Champion &

2012 Olympic Silver Medalist

110 m

Mark has over 18 years of experience as a founder, CEO, COO, Chairman and Strategist for public, private, nonprofit companies, world class athletes, and international entertainers. He successfully transformed ideas and visions into concrete business plans to viable companies. He is often called a visionary leader who thinks outside the box and a strategical planner with an eye for detail when it comes to aligning project goals with financials.

I met Mark E. Walker through an associate of mine who suggested that I take a chance and give Mr. Walker an opportunity when it came to strategizing and building a business plan for my new business venture into haute horology/watchmaking. I took that chance and I’m glad I did.
Haute horology is a very unique field and foreign to most, however Mr. Walker took to it like a duck to water. We began this venture over the phone at first when I presented the challenge to him, a challenge which he took up with alacrity and ferocity. We then met several times in person, each time of which he presented new information. He worked well around my hectic schedule and always did so with class and a smile. Even after the completion of my business plan Mr. Walker continues to reach out and check on the progress of my business. He willingly provides his knowledge and expertise because, just like myself, he wants to see me become a powerhouse in the haute horology world.
I found his research to be thorough. He always dug further than I asked him to and he did so at a fair price.
I have found his work to be an integral part of the success of building my business and my brand and I would recommend his services to anyone who’s in need.

Aldis Hodge

CEO & Designer

Basil Time Piece

Aside from Mark's extensive professional success, the thing that impresses me the most about him is what a successful human being he is.  He is such a giving individual in both his personal and professional life.  Mark is an extremely talented business man with incredible vision.  He's also an individual who carries himself with such grace, character, and ethical code. He truly cares about each of his clients on a very human level and works with a vision toward their long term success and not just a quick "bottom line."

Ashleigh Summer

Artist and Actress

Hi I'm Forest Fisher, 7x US National Gold Medalist in the sport of water skiing, motivational speaker and peak performance coach. As an athlete and an entrepreneur when looking for an advisor and mentor I'm looking for someone who is tough, savvy, agile and intelligent. In our very first meeting Mark E Walker proved he was all of that and provided me with invaluable Strategies for Success.

Forest Fisher

The Gold Medal Speaker

Mark has one of the best business minds we've ever encountered.  His strategic insights, combined with his uncanny ability to recognize, develop, and leverage business opportunities for his clients, are extraordinary.  In addition, he's outstanding at turning one business concept into multiple streams of income through optimal use of strategic alliances and joint ventures.  If you're ready to hire the RIGHT strategic advisor, take your game to the next level and play for life, then Mark's your man!

Larry Broughton

and Phil Dyer

CEO & Co-Founder and Chief

Visionary & Co-Founder

I met Mark Walker at a mutual training meeting and was immediately impressed with his highly intelligent, forthcoming, and strategic contribution to the group. Mark is fully present, always on alert to help solve a problem, and share his keen insights, cutting right through to the heart of the issue. He is not a man that wastes time or words. I find this refreshing. Not only is he efficient, he is honest, trustworthy, and man of noble character. As an entrepreneur, he is solid, a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am honored to be associated with Mark and glean anything I can from him.

Maryann Ehmann

Breakthrough to a Magnificent

Life, Coach, Speaker,

Conference Leader, Author

Mark is driven by a desire to serve clients and their best interest. He demonstrates sound and conservative advice with his insight and thoughtfulness regarding the needs of his clients. He is totally dedicated to providing the very best service and advice in all the aspects of the financial industry. It is truly a privilege to work with Mark E. Walker!

Dr. Haleh Damavandi


Mark has been a supportive and knowledgeable resource, with both experience and skills, who generously shares his expertise and vision. He is both encouraging and inspiring.

Barbara Allisen
B.Ed., E.C.S.

Owner of 123 Kindergarten

Mark E. Walker understands what it takes to work with entrepreneurs and build them into a successful brand. He is dedicated, extremely passionate and committed to the success of his clients.  Bottom line —


Craig Duswalt

Speaker, Author, Radio Host,

and Creator of the RockStar

System For Success

Mark E. Walker came into my life for a reason.  He has the ability to understand people and their passions.  Throughout all of his own experiences in life he has mastered the organization of planning and creating a path for his clients to achieve their personal, business, and life goals.  Not only is he extremely intelligent in any life situation you bring to him...more importantly, he is genuinely an incredible person that you can trust your life with.  Sincere, honest, genuine, trustworthy, funny...I could go on for days.

Lindsey Napela Berg

3X Olympian

2X Silver Medalist

Captain of the

US Women Volleyball Team

"Chart your own course.

Don't fall into culture conditioning."

Mark E. Walker

“I was very impressed with Mark’s ability to take my vision for a high end clothing line and turn it into an impeccable product!”

Mastin Kipp


​Creator of the Quadrirectified Method
Visionary and Dream Facilitator

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