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"This book is dedicated to each and every person who desires more out of life
                                    and those who have a vision and goal buried deep within just waiting to come out!"
                                                                                                        - Mark E. Walker, CEO Strategies for Success.

Are you living the life that you are meant to live, the life you truly desire, a life that most people dream of? Well, as overwhelming as the concept of achieving your life’s goals may seem it is actually easier than you think, if you dedicate yourself to yourself at least one minute a day, and take things one day at a time. This book quotes written to inspire and provided you with growth insights that will help you access your internal hard drive to download your life’s purpose and even equip you with the GPS coordinates, that will not only assist you in mapping out your path to greatness, but help to estimate your time of arrival and in some cases, offer alternate routes so you reach your destination of choice, in a timely fashion.


What people are saying:


Mark E. Walker's book is a very practicable guide to life. And I love that it conveniently fits in my pocket!

— Craig Duswalt,

Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Creator of the RockStar System For Success.


The simple yet profound words from Mark Walker are just the spark that I need to ignite my fire for success each day. Reading the quotes as a daily practice helps to fortify my resolve to be the best that I can be.

— Tracee Stanley


My daily spiritual bite size snack.

— Mark Michelson


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"The time required for proper preperation is much shorter and

less costly than it takes to clean up?"  ~ Mark E. Walker

​Creator of the Quadrirectified Method
Visionary and Dream Facilitator

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