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Mark E. Walker- Strategist, the premier business and life strategist for athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs that are committed to playing for life to grow their business and brand through one or more of the following services:
  • Global Delivery
  • Infrastructure
  • Innovation
  • International Development
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances Evaluation
  • New Product Launch
  • Operations
  • Opinion Letter
  • Product Evaluation, Development & Integration

  • Project Management

  • Risk Management
  • SOP Creation (Standard Operational Procedure)

  • Strategic Planning

  • Staff Training

  • Strategy
  • Succession Planning

  • Sustainability
  • Analytics
  • Athlete and Entertainer Business Strategist​

  • Athlete Management

  • Assessment

  • Brand Integration

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Coaching

  • Business Plan Development

  • Business Process Management
  • Business Turnaround

  • Change Management
  • Contract Negotiation​

  • Connectivity
  • Deal Evaluation

  • Domestic Garment Manufacturing

  • Finance and Enterprise Performance
  • Financial Analysis & Projection


"Applying action to the knowing is the difference

between success and failure." ~ Mark E. Walker

​Creator of the Quadrirectified Method
Visionary and Dream Facilitator

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