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Mark E. Walker is the premier business and life strategist for athletes, entertainers and

entrepreneurs that are committed to playing for life.​

Mark has over 18 years of experience as a founder, CEO, COO, Chairman and Strategist for public, private, nonprofit companies, world class athletes, and international entertainers. He successfully transformed ideas and visions into concrete business plans to viable companies. He is often called a visionary leader who thinks outside the box and a strategical planner with an eye for detail when it comes to aligning project goals with financials.

Here's what people are saying about Mark.

Integrity, knowledge, creativity and an insatiable need to constantly be learning...Mark E. Walker combines all of these with the desire to help others play at their highest level. His past credentials are impressive, but most impressive is who is at the moment he is speaking with you, and the strategies that he sees for your... more >

Sandra Dee Robinson


Charisma on Camera



“I was very impressed with Mark’s ability to take my vision for a high end clothing line and turn it into an impeccable product!”

Mastin Kipp


Mark E. Walker effectively blends industry knowledge and personal connections into a seamless business model.  His resourcefulness, transparency, and overall commitment to integrity are only matched by the passion he affords to each client in actualizing their creative and professional goals.  I’ve entrusted Mark with one of my most precious gifts; my career… a decision I have never regretted.


Jason Richardson

2011 World Champion &

2012 Olympic Silver Medalist

"Right things in the wrong order defeats the purpose."

Mark E. Walker

​Creator of the Quadrirectified Method
Visionary and Dream Facilitator

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